The First On-Chain Generative NFTs on Solana

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There will never be more than 10,000 Solarians.

Solarians are a collection of 10,000 individually unique, animated robots that were the first on-chain generative NFTs on Solana.

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With extremely complex art, a significant place in Solana's history, and one of the most well-funded DAOs in the Solana blockchain, the Solarian future is glorious!

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Got a legacy Solarian before the Metaplex standards was created? Check out Solarian Swap to modernize your Solarian!

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  • What are Solarians?

    Solarians are a historically significant NFT collection of 10,000 algorithmically generated robots on the Solana blockchain. Seed funding from the mint enables RoboDAO to oversee operations throughout the lifetime of our beloved chain.
  • When were Solarians created?

    The first Solarian, 286-W The Flippant, was minted on April the 7th 2021. This was so early in Solana’s development, that there wasn’t much information and tooling and the Metaplex Token Standard had not been created yet!
  • How were Solarians made?

    Solarians were minted using a hand-written minting script that interfaced with the SPL-Token command line programs, along with a custom-built queuing and management logic. With 1800 unique robot parts, Solarians were generated based purely on the on-chain information of the mint hash; they are the First On-Chain Generative NFTs on Solana!
  • What is the RoboDAO?

    RoboDAO is the Decentralized Autonomous Organization for Solarian holders. It exists as a community-governed distinct entity to help coordinate community decisions in regards of overall direction preferences and appropriate utilization of treasury fundings/donations.
  • How can I join the RoboDAO?

    Buy a Solarian and join the Solarian Discord to participate in the RoboDAO!
  • What is the Solarians Entangler?

    The Solarians Entangler is a protocol deployed to allow users who minted pre-metaplex Solarians to update their token to the Metaplex NFT standards.
  • Whats the deal with marketplace fees.

    100% of marketplace fees go directly to the DAO. Royalties are not enforced, but ARE REQUIRED FOR ENTRY TO ROBODAO.

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